Jarred Goldweber  Harmonica- Vocals

 Jarred Goldweber started playing harmonica at the age of twelve, after attending a local arts camp located in Cleveland.  With the help  and influence of National harmonica players such as Adam Gussow, Ronnie Shellist, Jason Ricci, Magic Dick, as well as local legends like Wallace Coleman, Vernon,  Jones and Crazy Marvin Braxton;  Jarred rose up quickly through the ranks as one of the most unique and innovative harmonica players in recent years. Keep an eye on that kid! at 21,  Jarred is also a full time Electrical Engineering student at Cleveland State University.  Over the years, Jarred  has played along the Blues Highway and has headlined many times at the famous Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale Ms. (owned by Morgan Freeman)  touring Memphis and Chicago as well. His harmonica style is unique. Influenced by the roots delta  Blues greats to more modern styles and adaptationsn all his own. 

Born with a congenital hand  difference, Jarred uses  his unique handprint as part of the band logo. Jarred is also a national spokesperson for the Lucky Fin Project- a support organization for children born with limb differences.  Jarred and The Park Brothers believe in Philanthropy and have supported many causes such as Alzheimer/ dementia research, Domestic Violence,  Women's support organizations and Community Development events locally aw well as while they are on tour, especially in Clarksdale Mississippi for the Crossroads art and Cultural Center.

Jarred has performed,  taught and presented at the 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 Society for the Preservation and Advancement of Harmonica (SPAH) international conventions in Denver Colorado,  Saint Louis Missouri and San Antonio Texas. 
 Jarred has been featured on the Hohner harmonica and International Blues Society websites., He has been featured in  a commercial for Mc Donalds Corp and in the Movie Criminal Activities starring John Travolta.
* Member of the International Blues Foundation
* Member of the Northeast Ohio Blues Society

* Member of the Memphis Blues Society
* 2014 Youth Grant Recipient- International Blues Foundation
Jarred plays through a Lone Wolf Blues Company HarpTrain 10 and Lone Wolf pedals, Sennheiser E835 microphone, and plays Hohner harmonicas. ​

Chip Fitzgerald GUITAR- Vocals

Chip has done it all. Coming from a family of performers; his mom a dancer and his dad a harmonica player. His bother is also an accomplished guitarist.

Chip started his first band in high school in 1964. "The Disciples". They  still play shows around Ohio after 55 years (Damn).

​From there- "We moved o New York. We opened new Years eve at the "Electric Circus" with the Grateful Dead. That same night we played the cast party for the Russian ballet with Barishnikov in attendance. What a memory! It was during this time period that we bumped into some dude named Jimi Hendrix at 'The Scene" night club.   We recorded "the Hippy Song", "Jody Man",and "I I'm Dynamite Baby". All three song were recently released on you tube. "Slim Harpo,  he knew the Blues. "

Returning to cleveland Chip reconnected and went back on the road.  
Chip started a new band ,"Chip & Friends" and headed to Boulder, Colorado where they had great success. For personal reasons, Chip returned to Cleveland. "I got a call from a friend who asked if I wanted to play with "some older guy" named Guitar Slim  He was the real deal, playing real blues. well 25 years later Slim and I were a team. He taught me the meaning of "Real Blues". I had chops for sure, but he knew how to make the guitar talk, cry, and Roar. Slim passed this past August leaving a hole in my heart."
I'm excited to be playing with  Jarred Goldweber and The Park Brothers, an indy blues group with enormous talent.

I'm excited to write the rest of the story!

Chip and the Band are all members of-

  • Chicago blues society
  • Memphis Blues Society
  • NE Ohio Blues Society​

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